Using guest posts to increase page authority

by admin on August 17, 2012

Using guest posts to increase page authorityOf course, there’s more than one way to get a contextual, reputable referral link from a major source online. One of the best ways to get a strong link from a well-known source is create a guest post that they’ll post on their website. This blog post actually combines the major components of an authority boost: It contains well-written, authoritative content; it links to the blog in a contextual way that is part of a list on the website; and a guest post is basically an inherent recommendation of an author and their website.

Best of all, a guest post will actually drive traffic to a website that it previously would have been unable to achieve. Because the guest post will be placed on a website that has already achieved some degree of authority with its readers and search engines alike. These guest posts are a perfect way to boost page authority by actually placing the website’s full authority on display. In addition to a well-crafted guest post, the author of the post can stick around after it has gone live and interact with commenters who decide to give their take on the content. This will make for lively discussion and, through these discussions, new readers will likely find a new place online that they can go and interact with like-minded individuals.

Because guest posts drive traffic, promote a website, and increase its perceived authority at major search engines like Google, they should be considered one of the primary ways to propel a website higher in search engine rankings. There is simply no better tool than great content and wider communication with an interested base of readers. Learn more about using guest posts.

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